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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. Broker fee is a flat rate charged for Shank Bros. services. This fee is payable when a carrier is dispatched and a pickup date is confirmed. Following payment, dispatch instructions and carrier information will be emailed to you.


  1. Shank Bros. Auto Transport is responsible for booking the shipment of vehicles with a licensed and insured motor carrier. All dates given, are an approximation. We will provide you our best estimated time frame. We cannot guarantee the exact dates of when your vehicle will be picked up or delivered due to factors outside of our control. (Such as but not limited to: weather, traffic, maintenance, delays, etc.).


  1. Once your vehicle has been scheduled with a reputable carrier your non-refundable broker fee must be paid. It is your responsibility to meet the transporter at the agreed upon time and location for pickup and delivery. Problems that result from short notice by transporters are not the responsibility of Shank Bros. Auto Transport. Fault or delays resulting from your scheduling error in no way releases you from this legal contract. Transport equipment failure, inclement weather, traffic, etc. do occur, and Shank Bros. Auto Transport will at no time refund or return any part of the transport fees when delays result from these conditions. When delays or conditions require, Shank Bros. Auto Transport will reschedule with another carrier at no additional charge to the customer. Shank Bros. Auto Transport will at no time refund or pay for rental car expenses.


  1. A fee of $150.00 minimum is applied to all vehicles that are non-operational. This fee is included in the price when you select the non-operational vehicle indicator when booking. If for any reason, the vehicle is non-operational at the time of pick-up and it was not specified during booking, additional fees may be applied.


  1. Some prices vary depending on the type of vehicle. At pick-up, if the type of vehicle does not match the vehicle specified in your booking, additional fees may be applied. Please confirm your vehicle information is correct when you book.


  1. Once a carrier has been assigned and pickup date scheduled the broker fee must be paid. When payment has been received, dispatch instructions and carrier information will be emailed to you. The broker fee is non-refundable.


  1. Shank Bros. Auto Transport (and the carrier) will not knowingly transport vehicles containing personal or household items, as this is prohibited by Federal regulations. If such items are shipped unbeknownst to Shank Bros. Auto Transport (or the assigned carrier), such items become the sole responsibility of the customer.


  1. The carrier transporting your vehicle is fully insured. The carrier is responsible for your vehicle while the vehicle is in their possession. Shank Bros. Auto Transport is not responsible for any damage to your vehicle, unless we are the carrier. Any insurance claims should be filed with the carriers’ insurance. Carrier insurance does not cover any “Act of Nature” damages. Each claim case is different and should be resolved with the carriers’ insurance. Shank Bros. Auto Transport, in good faith, will assist you in this effort should a problem occur, but in no way will Shank Bros. Auto Transport assume responsibility for any negligence by the assigned carrier.


  1. If your vehicle incurs damage during transport, you must notify Shank Bros. Auto Transport within 24 hours of delivery and submit in writing a thorough description along with clear pictures of the damage. You must then submit 2 estimates for repair within 10 days of delivery to initiate resolution of the problem.


  1. The transportation of your vehicle is door to door. There will be times when a carrier will not be able to maneuver to a certain destination and will arrange to meet you at the closest easily accessible destination ( Walmart, grocery store, etc.).


  1. Typically carriers will call you 4 to 12 hours in advance to arrange the specific location where your vehicle will be picked-up or delivered. If your vehicle is not ready at the time the carrier is scheduled to pick-up, your transport will be cancelled and broker fee forfeited. A $100 rescheduling fee will apply. When your vehicle is delivered, if you or the person you have designated is not present to pick-up the vehicle, your vehicle will be stored at the owner’s expense until a time it can be rescheduled for pick up.


  1. The carrier will perform a pick-up and delivery inspection. We recommend that you participate in the inspection along with the carrier. The carrier cannot be held liable for any damage not noted on the delivery receipt. Please review your vehicle inspection carefully.


  1. You are responsible for the preparation of your vehicle for transport, which includes deactivating any alarm system and providing the necessary keys and remotes. The carriers are not responsible for any items or parts falling off of your vehicle during transport. Your vehicle should be shipped with between 1/8 and 1/2 tank of fuel.


  1. Shank Bros. Auto Transport is a broker/carrier. When our trucks are not available we operate as a broker and an agent for you the customer. Acting as a broker, we arrange for the transportation of your vehicle using one of our approved carrier partners, but we do not physically move your vehicle. As a broker, our responsibilities include assigning a carrier to your order, contacting you regarding pickup and verifying delivery your vehicle.


  1. You agree in good faith that the information you provided to Shank Bros. Auto Transport is correct, and any information about the vehicle not provided that might affect the transportation of your vehicle may result in additional fees.