Learn About Auto Transportation

This page contains information you will rarely find on other auto transport websites.
Educating yourself on how the auto transport industry operates will save you money.

Most auto transport transactions in the United States take place like this:

  1. A potential customer (you) go online searching key words such as auto transport, car shipping, etc.
  2. After submitting your information into an online price generator, you are then solicited by multiple companies offering you promises or the guaranteed lowest shipping rates.
  3. Once contact with a broker is made, in most cases a credit card deposit (commission) is taken and your transport information is then submitted to one or more national, online load boards.


The price listed by the broker on these load boards is generally the price quoted to you, minus the deposit (commission) paid to the broker. The primary factor determining how fast your car gets picked up is the price that it is posted for on the load boards. Once a carrier accepts your listing, they will contact you to arrange transport details.When your vehicle is delivered you pay the carrier.

Although a good broker will ensure that carriers are experienced, licensed, meet all Federal Motor Carrier standards, have sufficient insurance, and a history of safe and reliable service, the fact is brokers do NOT transport vehicles, they are simply “middlemen” that put you in contact with an auto carrier that can transport your vehicle. Most carriers do not work exclusively for any one broker, they simply monitor the load boards for vehicles that meet their route and price requirements.


How is Shank Bros. Auto Transport different from other brokers?

Shank Bros. successfully moves thousands of cars every year. We are a carrier and a broker. We own and operate auto transport trucks. We believe in keeping it simple and easy to understand.

Your Shank Bros. quote will include the complete cost required to get your vehicle moved in the time frame you have requested. Unlike other brokers, our broker fees are a flat rate based on the distance your vehicle will be transported, 100% refundable (no hassle) until your vehicle is assigned to a carrier. This simple pricing structure and our reliable and experienced service, makes Shank Bros your clear choice.

Our company drivers love what they do, and take pride in the safe transport of your vehicle…….just ask them!

Did you know?

  • A full driving day for an auto transport driver averages over 500 miles.
  • Most cross-country trips require the driver to be away from home for 2 -3 weeks.
  • Our late model 10 car carrier trucks when loaded weigh nearly 80,000 lbs and are longer and higher than most any other truck on the road.
  • There are over 47,000 miles of interstate highway in the United States.
  • Your vehicle is usually one of 9 or 10 vehicles that must be picked up and delivered each way.
  • It is a DOT regulation that car carrier drivers are not allowed to transport vehicles with ANY personal belongings inside.
  • Delivery estimates rather than specific times are given because of factors the driver cannot control. Some examples include: traffic, weather, time required for other stops, mechanical problems etc.
  • For safety and weight reasons your vehicle may not be transported with more than half a tank of fuel (prefer ¼ or less).
  • If you have an Easy Pass, we recommend you place it in your glove box so it does not activate while in transport.